Staying in your holiday home in the winter can be very rewarding with the added benefit of beautiful scenery that the winter months bring. However using your holiday home in the winter comes with a risk of freezing water pipes which can lead to a potential burst water pipe, this can be very costly to repair and can cause a lot of inconvenience. The actual freezing of the pipe does not cause the, often, expensive leaks. When the pipes thaw, splits or cracks which have occurred during freezing become apparent which leads to the realisation that damage has occurred when water causes widespread damage.

The solution

AT-TS-13 ThermostatAlert Trace Heating  install a self regulating heating cable on both hot and cold pipework underneath your holiday home.  We also cover the vulnerable parts of the installation which most caravan and lodge manufacturers do not, namely incoming feed pipe; internal pipes up the boiler including condensate pipe; underneath the sinks; behind the bath and most importantly the shower mixer, we are able to install the trace heating cable right up to the back of the shower mixing valve which helps keep warm preventing from splitting during a very cold weather event. Iceguard PipeguardThe trace heating cable provides a constant warmth, thereby reducing the threat of pipework freezing.  

The trace heating system is thermostatically controlled by a frost sensor which automatically comes on when temperatures drop below 5oC.  Trace heating systems are known for their reliability and efficiency – self-regulating they can never overheat and have low running costs.  They also negate the need to drain down your holiday home when not in use, providing that the electricity supply is not interrupted. The thermostat is set at 5oC during installation. If the consumer chooses to change this setting, you may no longer be covered by your 5 year Alert Trace Heating warranty. The operation of a trace heating system is entirely dependent upon a continuous electricity supply. Check with your site operator to ensure that the electricity supply is maintained during the winter season, including any park closure period. We cover throughout Wales, England & Scotland so why not call us today for a free no obligation quote.

98% of insurance claims for domestic water damage could have been avoided if the mains water stop tap had been turned off, when the holiday home was vacated. Staying in your holiday home in the winter months can be very rewarding with the added benefit of beautiful scenery that the winter months bring.

Protect your holiday home from leaks and internal flooding

When the National association of caravan owners met up with us back in May during an install of the intelligent water stop on a Willerby clear water, here’s what they thought!   

We also have a variety of other products and services – including a leak detection gadget that turns off your water for you! 

Dan Ellacott (NACO), Simon Standerwick (Alert) & Claire Buisson (NACO)

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