Gallery of Previous installations.

Water shut off valve installed under a holiday home, insulated using Armaflex insulation. 

A gold package we’ve recently installed on this lovely Atlas Image 2 on Winston Bridge Country Park in Ovington. 

A mechanical thermostat to control the trace heating, when the temperatures fall below 3 degrees the heating cable energises. 
Underneath a holiday home we have installed trace heating and insulated using Armaflex self seal. 
Gold package installed on this Carnaby Ridgeway at Bala caravan park. 
Our intelligent water stop installed on a Cambrian lodge 

Our bronze package we installed on this beautiful Cambrian lodge at Plas Coch holiday homes in Anglesey. 

Our most recent installation on this willerby Pinehurst lodge at Martonpool holiday park in Shropshire. we’ve installed our premier trace heating system with 65 meters of self regulating heating cable installed along the domestic hot & cold water lines, another lodge frost protected 

We were featured in NACO’S magazine autumn 2015 as they were very impressed with our intelligent water stop

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of electrical trace heating systems

3 holiday homes we installed our premier trace heating on Pen Y Garth in Bala 

Sun set in Darlington on cold January night 2016 installing our gold package on an Abi Ambleside 

ABI westwood on Pen Y Garth -10 outside however this holiday home is protected with trace heating ensuring continuity of water supply and no fear of burst water pipes 
-10 on a cold frosty morning in Bala 

Willerby New Hampshire we installed our premier trace heating system on at Marton Pool holiday park in Shropshire 

Our controls adjacent to the mains board so users can see when the trace heating is active 

Our intelligent water stop on a Swift Moselle Lodge 

pipes heat traced and insulated below a bathroom sink 

trace heating on pipes to the boiler 

With 10 years experience, we have built our reputation on providing high quality products

Shower mixer valves tend to fail in severe frost so we install heating cables behind the back for frost protection

Condenser trap from boiler installed with self regulating heating cable

Copper pipes to boiler well insulated 

Flood sensor plate below a washing machine. 

Willerby holiday home we installed our gold package protection system on Orchard Country Park in Northumberland 

External valve which controls the water supply from the intelligent water stop keypad and also protected by trace heating, the pipes were insulated afterwards. 
Feed pipes to boiler trace heated and insulated 

Burst water pipe on a static caravan due to very low temperatures. 

Thermostat located under holiday home 

Willerby Boston lodge, which we installed trace heating, intelligent water stop & easy drain valves. 
Terminating trace heating cable behind shower. 
Inlet pipe trace heated and neatly pipe insulated. 
Our new Intelligent water stop installed on a Cambrian Plantation Lodge. 
The wildlife @ silver trees holiday park. 
A lodge which we installed trace heating at Pen-y-Garth in Bala.
This is the cause of an internal burst water pipe due to very low temperatures. 
Terminating trace heating. 

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