98% of insurance claims for domestic water damage could have been avoided if the mains stop tap had been turned off when the holiday home was vacated.

To enable you to have peace of mind we have put together three holiday home protection packages tailored to different use requirements which can be fitted by us to your holiday home to give you complete peace of mind that you will be protected from domestic water damage.

Bronze Holiday Home Protection Package

The Bronze Holiday Home Protection Package is best suited to holiday parks with a 7 month season, April – October.

Intelligent Water Stop fitted just by the door
Intelligent Water Stop fitted just by the door

Our intelligent water system is the solution for protecting your holiday home against leaks and flooding. The intelligent water stop is conveniently located next to the door, so you can switch the water on and off at the push of a button – no more scrambling around in the dark or under wet caravans to switch off your mains water supply.

If your holiday home is not occupied the water will automatically turn off after a pre-set time, eliminating any potential water damage.

Optional leak sensors are available to protect unseen pipework.

Silver Holiday Home Protection Package

Our silver package includes the Intelligent Water Stop in the Bronze package plus:

Easy Drain Off Valves

Easy Drain Off Valves installed underneath holiday home
Easy Drain Off Valves installed underneath holiday home

To allow you to undertake a quick “mini” drain-off between visits during the winter without the need to crawl underneath the holiday home.

With Easy Drain Off Valves your existing drain points are removed and up to 10 of the new Easy Drain Off Valves are inserted at strategic points. The shower valve is then altered to allow the new Easy Drain Off Valves to drain out.

A “mini” drain off can be undertaken from inside your holiday home in approximately 3 minutes. When you arrive for your next stay, just push the “Water On” button on the Intelligent Water Stop and you’re back up and running.

Trace Heating Kit

The incoming water pipe for your holiday home is located close to the ground and are susceptible to freezing in conditions just below that required to give a ground frost.

Our Trace Heating Kit will be installed to protect your incoming water pipe from freezing. With its own built in thermostat it will automatically turn on when temperatures fall below 3°C preventing your incoming water main from freezing.

If you envisage using your holiday home in the depths of winter we recommend our Gold package

Gold Holiday Home Protection Package

Best used on sites with extended seasons and when extremely cold weather may be present between October and March, our Gold Package has all the features of our silver package but with the added benefit of the entire domestic hot and cold water pipework being fitted with trace heating.

The trace heating will cover all exterior pipes and all accessible internal pipework, boiler, behind shower, under sinks etc. This will enable you to enjoy your stay whatever the weather and ensure continuity of water supply.

All our Trace Heating Systems are controlled via a thermostat which will switch the system on automatically when temperatures fall below 3°C. Reliable and energy efficient thanks to the self-regulating cable which adjusts its heat output according to the external air temperature.

Please note:

Trace Heating is entirely dependent on a continuous supply of electricity. You should therefore check with your park operator to ensure that the electricity supply is maintained during the winter season and any park closure periods.