Pipe LaggingAt Alert Trace Heating we provide a pipe insulation service for static caravans & lodges. Insulation is installed around the pipe work underneath your holiday home for frost protection and also to save energy. Many caravan manufactures use a basic grey pipe insulation know as “Climaflex” which over a prolonged period of time perishes and becomes very brittle, leaving the pipe work exposed.

Much of today’s pipe insulation is sold through do-it-yourself centres. Many see it as a straight forward and common sense concept, however calculating the correct thickness to prevent condensation is a more complicated proposition because additional environmental factors such as relative humidity and wind speed play a major role in selecting the correct thickness. These added environmental variables are often unknown or vary widely, this is also true when it comes to determining the correct thickness to prevent pipes from freezing in cold weather.

If the temperature is below freezing for an extended period of time, pipe with no water flowing through them will freeze up unless a heat tape is applied to compensate for the heat loss. Insulation can prolong the time before pipes freeze, but not prevent it in all cases.

We only use class O Armafelx, a leading brand in flexible insulation engineered to prevent heat loss, condensation control and frost protection.

  • Closed cell structure provides built-in water vapour barrier
  • Reduces heat losses by up to 87%
  • Class O fire performance
  • Built in Microban protection, reduces mould and bacteria growth

Local water supply regulations recommend providing at least 12 hours of protection against frost, we recommend trace heating where 12 hours water protection cannot be achieved.